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cowboysfan0 in cooking_basics

Chocolate question.....

Hello all,
Got a question about chocolate.  I have a recipe for hot cocoa that require dutch processed cocoa.  I looked in the grocery store last night and found everything but that.  Where on earth can I locate some?  Just curious.  later.  :)


Do they have one of those in Virginia? I'm in Alexandria. later. :)
From a fellow DC-area kid... (I'm on the Maryland side of things now...)

Your closest two are Pentagon Row (Behind Pentagon City Mall) and on S. Jefferson Street in Falls Church. There's also one in the Kingstowne Shopping Center if you're in that part of Alexandria (Is the 22315 part in the Fairfax County part? I forgot already..) ...

I used to go to the Pentagon Row one all the time when I lived in Alexandria. Chevy Chase is now the one closest to me.

Might a Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Trader Joes or Wegmans have dutch-processed as well?
I'm actually at the 22302 area code. Not sure exactly which ones would be best to go to. later. :)