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cowboysfan0 in cooking_basics

Quick question....

Hello everyone,
Quick question here.  I have a recipe that tells me not to mix the ingredients in a metal mixing bowl.  The problem is that all i have to use is metal bowls.  I have plastic ones but they are in storage and I'm not sure exactly what box they are in.  The recipe is for Amish Friendship Bread.  I'd rather not go spend money on another mixing bowl.  Should I just go ahead and use the metal ones?  At this point, I'm not sure I have another choice.  Any suggestions?  Thanx.   Later.  :)


From my understanding, metal may not let the yeast ferment. However, I think stainless steel is OK.
Okay, I think mine just might be stainless. Thanks for the help. later. :)
High Grade Stainless is non-reactive. but it can be if there is any sort of composite

I would recommend either using something like a casserole dish if you have one big enough for mixing or ... dollar store?


Amish friendship bread

hi, you cannot use a metal bowl for Amish Friendship bread, you can use a plastic freezer bag. The batter interacts with the metal & renders the starter inactive. You cannot use any metal, bowls spoons or pans.