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countrygirl4ver in cooking_basics

Bento Lunch Discussion

Okay, I am posting this here, because while I am going to watch a bento community mentioned here already, I think this might be a good discussion for us as a cooking community.

I dont know where to get the containers that are shown in the Bento groups. Or what makes them Bento, so if one wanted to start doing these small container lunchs (and as summer winds down for me and it begins getting cooler it might be a good option for where I work) I am wondering what types of containers might be useable for them.

(Cross posting this a few places to start discussions hopefully)


Sadly while I live in California and unless I go down to Los Angeles China Town region there is nothing like this in any of the areas that I can easily (and safely get to) hence thoughts of other types of containters first. If the lunchs seem to work, (and I am thinking about getting a book on the subject) I might try and get a container online.

And I have a lot of tupper-ware and tupper ware style containters. But trying to figure out what makes for the best use for the bento style lunchs.

And mabye even why it is called Bento.

LOL I guess I am a bit naive.

You can order bento boxes from j-list.

That being said. While it is a lot of fun bento isn't really about what box you the food in but the food you put in the box. The basic idea is that you want to have reasonable portions and a variety of foods (The more color the better)