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cowboysfan0 in cooking_basics

Skillet question.....

I was wondering if you all could answer a question i have.  There's a recipe i found and the one thing that it calls for is a large ovenproof skillet.  Any recommendations where i could find one and what a good brand would be.  And a wide variety of price ranges would be good too.  Thanks.  later.  :)


I don't have any specific brand names to reccomend but I wuld suggest getting yourself a nice deep 12" cast iron skiller. You'll find you use it for alot of things and it will make it worth it.
That's what i thought. I have been told that a 12" cast iron skillet is a great thing to have around. This definitely makes me want to get one now. Just have to go find one. But i do have a brand in mind. Thanks for the help. later. :)
I have three cast iron pans. One belonged to my mother. The other two I found a sidwalk sales for 5 or 10 bucks a peice. If you see a yard sale or what not, look for them there. When you find one, give it a look over. Does it look like its well seasoned (slightly shiny finish in the pan) or do you see rust? Does it feel heavy and doers the weight feel balanced in your hands? Is the handle long enough for you to pick it up with one hand and not feel like your trying to carry a small child?

Just things to consider.
Thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it. And that does help. The brand i'm thinking of getting is called "Lodge Logic" or "Pro-Logic". This is supposed to be the best when it comes to pre-seasoned cast iron skillets. And i'm i've been told a 12" is the best for me to be able to handle. Thanks!! later. :)
Cast Iron is probably the most versatile way to go. I have a hard anodized "Multi-Clad" set from Cuisinart that is entirely oven safe. It works very well But If you don't already have something like that Cast Iron is the way to go.