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kitchenbeard in cooking_basics

Home Made Mustard


I've been trying to make my own condiments lately after reasoning I can spend 69 cents on dry ingredients and get what I would normally pay $3 for. Mustard was one of my first forays into this thinking. Granted the volumes needed to purchase everything came to a few bucks but what actually ended up in the final product was less than a dollar.

1 cup yellow mustard seed
1 tsp black pepper corns
1 tsp coriander seeds
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup Jack Daniels sour mash or other bourbon

1) 24 hours ahead, heat bourbon in a small sauce pan and flambe until alcohol burns off.
2) Mix bourbon with water and pour over mixed seeds.
3) Allow to soak over night.
4) Pour mixture into a small food processor. Mine has a small bowl insert so I was able to just use my normal one. I'd avoid using a spice grinder here.
5) Allow to grind until a thick paste forms but you still can see seeds.
6) Taste and adjust for salt. Allow to rest at room temperature overnight before using.

This was one of those times I also danced around the kitchen because it's so damned good. Much better than anything out of a plastic bottle. It's very strong in flavor and should be used accordingly. That didn't stop me though. I even spread it on some dark brown bread I had and just munched away quite happily.



I picked up some mustard seeds and I'm finally going to try this recipe.