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Feb. 12th, 2007



freezing bread dough

So i googled this and am getting some mixed advice, so I thought I'd ask here:  I want to freeze some bread dough and I'm not sure when I should do it.  Pretty much everything I've seen says before the second rising.  Do you concur?  Also, I'm a little confused about the thawing process.  Could I leave the dough on the counter all day while I'm at school?  Will it be okay.  I saw something about thawing in the fridge; what do you think of that?  Thanks for any help you can give me!  (cross-posted to bakex3faq)


Question about a recipe...

Hope there are still people in this community.  I don't really want to post this question in the cooking forum, figured this would be better.  I actually have 2 questions.  One, is I have a recipe which calls for a half pound of elbow macaroni, but I have rotini.  Can I use that instead?  And if so, I have a one pound package and I only need half pound and I'm not sure who to measure it out.  Second, it says to cook the pasta to "al dente".  Just to refresh my memory, can someone explain what that means?  Thanks in advance for the help.  later.  :)

Dec. 24th, 2006


Cooking a pork tenderloin for the first time...

Hello everyone,
I am cooking a pork tenderloin for the first time.  I have one that is marinated already and indicates cooking it 20 minutes per pound or until meat thermometer registers 155 F internal meat temperature.  It says to place in a shallow pan and roast at 375 degrees.  What do they mean by a shallow pan?  I'm not really sure about that.  Also, need to do some baking potatoes for loaded baked potatoes.  I would do them in the microwave but it's not too good.  What's the other option on cooking them.   Only needing 2 to cook, no more than that.  Could I do them in the oven and what would I cook them at?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanx.  later.  :)

P.S.  The tenderloin is 1.15 pounds.

Dec. 19th, 2006

everyone's a critic


(no subject)

Nice and easy (with any luck)...recommend your favorite Italian cookbook?


Dec. 14th, 2006



Shortening question

So I'm trying to make this recipe: Candy Cane Cookies: Mix together: 1 cup shortening (Imperial margarine) 1 cup sifted confectioner's sugar 1 egg 1 1/2 tsp. almond extract 1 tsp vanilla Sift together: 2 1/2 cups flour 1 tsp salt Bake at 375 for 9 minutes This is the recipe I got from my mom. It originally called for I cup shortening, half butter. Now I don't really know what that means, but my mom has been using margarine in this recipe for years instead. The cookies come out fine, but since I have shortening I thought I'd give it a shot. So, can anyone help me out with that "half butter" thing? I'd be very grateful. =)

Dec. 6th, 2006




So I need a little basic cooking help, and I thought you fine people could help me. So I'm planning on making truffles in the near future, and the recipe says to pour the cream through a sieve. I looked it up at epicurious.com, which says that it's the same as a strainer, but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this, if anyone knows if there really is a difference betweent the two, and so.

Dec. 3rd, 2006


Ideas for dinner!

What's your favorite "easy" dinner time meal?

My boyfriend and I are never home together at dinnertime so I don't often make extravagant meals. Eating alone has kind of led me to errr.... cereal for dinner every night. Hah. It's just the two of us and we're on a semi-tight student grocery budget. :\ ($100/week or so.)

I'm looking for some tasty meals I can whip up quickly, that will still taste good when reheated or stuck in the fridge for a day. (A lot of times the bf will just get a sub for dinner at work, and will take my suppers for his lunch the next day!)

There are a few rules. No fish or any kind of seafood. Also, my boyfriend is not a huge fan of cooked vegetables. He will eat them in soup or something, but he doesn't like a heap of veggies as a side dish or anything like that (loves potatoes though!) He doesn't mind veggies cold or in a salad. He's also not into beans! (Yes, I have a picky raised-on-meat-and-potatoes boyfriend. ;)) I - will eat pretty much anything.

I do have access to a stove/oven, microwave, and crock pot!

Thanks a lot!

Dec. 4th, 2006


Recognizing fish

I have an Asian market nearby with an impressive seafood section.

Language barrier prevents me from knowing the names of the fish on display. Sometimes there are HUGE catches split laterally from head to fin. Some fish are in tanks. Fresh stuff!

Salmon is easily recognizable as are the shellfish.

Is there any advice in learning about fresh fish?

Fish cooking methods are easily googled. I just need to find out what they are.

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