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cooking_basics's Journal

Basic Cooking Skills and Principles
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Hi, and welcome to cooking_basics. We'll be leaving shortly to your destination of More Cooking Knowledge, so please get comfortable and make sure your trays and chairs are in the upright position. Before your friendly moderators come around for the beverage service, please read our Helpful Guidelines For Posting below. When the oxygen masks drop, please secure yours with the elastic band before helping others. The seat cushions can be used as floatation devices. Okay. Ready? Let's have a pleasant flight and thank you for flying cooking_basics.

Helpful Guidelines for Posting

1. What do we mean by "Cooking Basics?" We're about learning the skills needed to be a good home cook. It's about learning how to cook a piece of chicken so it's done, but not sandpaper dry. It's about learning the differences between a Yukon Gold potato and a Russet potato, and why one might be better for mashed potatoes. We're not going to turn you into a Julia Child overnight, but hopefully, you can learn enough to make a healthy, home-cooked meal without setting the house on fire.

2. Who can post? Well, you have to be a member. We have open membership and posting, and hope to keep it that way. So: NO SPAM. Unless you're talking about Spam, and it's for Musubi, then it's okay. Plus, no off-topic posts, please. We'll delete it, so don't bother. This means no flames, no drama, no snark, no weepy goodbye posts. We're going to be NICE and you're gonna LIKE IT. Oh, by the way? Deleting posts or comments are grounds for bannination. If drama happens, please contact one of our friendly moderators to handle it. We'd hate to lose a post or comments that have good information because drama happened along the way.

3. What about your Memories and Tags sections? In the future, we hope to have so many wonderful and informative posts, all of them tagged and categorized clearly and logically, so you can easily access information. And when that day comes, we hope you will take advantage of that system before posting a question that may have been answered already. We're still just getting our sea legs right now.

4. What about people who like to answer, "Google is your friend!" to every question? Anyone who answers a question that way here will be cursed with the "forever getting the cart with the wonky wheel at the grocery store" curse (not bad, but terribly annoying, just like Google reminders. Hey!). That's not what this community is about. We want people to share advice, opinions, and experiences, which you may not always get in a Google search.

5. I just wrote this great post about cooking, with lots of how-to pictures! Fantastic! Just, please, out of courtesy, if you have more than one picture, or your post takes more than one full page scroll, put the rest under an LJ-cut. If how to make an LJ-cut eludes you, please go here.

6. I think you're missing something in this community. What do I do? Well, tell us, silly! This community was started to fill a need, and if you see something, let us know. We don't bite. Really.

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